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Vicki Salemi is a nationally recognized trusted career expert consistently sought by producers and reporters to share her expertise. She's appeared on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, Scripps syndicated national broadcasts and print and online with The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,,, Yahoo!, Cosmo, Bustle, and countless broadcast, print, and online outlets here and abroad.

She is a
Monster career expert, nationally syndicated columnist "Vicki on Careers" for Tribune, author, keynote speaker, consultant, columnist, spokesperson, and friend. Unleashing her 15 years of experience in corporate recruiting and human resources (learning & development and international HR) at KPMG, Deloitte, and S&P, Vicki's passionate about empowering job seekers with insight and first-hand knowledge from the halls of HR. She also works with organizations to streamline processes, create talent hiring strategies, ghostwrite recruiting marketing, and more.

In fact, she resigned from corporate recruiting several years ago because she knew too much and wanted to help candidates succeed. By working in-house, it was not feasible to tell them they left money on the table by not negotiating or how to tweak their interview skills...if you give feedback to one candidate, you should give equal feedback to all candidates. She would have spent all her time coaching non-hires instead of recruiting new hires. Anyway...she strongly believed a bigger purpose awaited on a grand platform to help people succeed in their job search and excel in their careers.
She is the author of Big Career in the Big City and The ABC's of College Life and a regular contributor to Forbes and The New York Post. Previously, she's written for The Chicago Tribune syndication, Vulture, The Cut, Cosmo,, and more outlets. Also, she used to have a glam side hustle as red carpet reporter in NYC for New York magazine, OK! magazine, and SheKnows.

A proud alumna, she graduated from Lafayette College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and earned a management certificate from Cornell University. She is always planning her next trip to Italy. Andiamo!

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