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Chief Talent Officer, Global HR, Talent Acquisition, and More

If you're a startup and you don't have a chief people officer, you're missing the boat. Vicki has over 15 years of corporate experience and is a nationally recognized expert in the space.

In addition, she coaches job seekers as well as business owners for their PR (click on buttons below for more information.

Here's why she's effective: Vicki's high energy, smart, and results-oriented.


She leverages a strong corporate background (15+ years at KPMG, Deloitte & McGraw-Hill) within training and development, international HR/global mobility and recruiting and retention to drive performance and productivity with maximum engagement. 

She currently has availability for long and short-term contracts -- inquire within! 

Considering the Great Resignation, more employees are leaving than ever. You need a solid strategy for marketing, recruiting, and let's say it together now: Retention. 

Did you know that for an employee earning $40k per year, you'll probably spend $20,000 to $30,000 on recruiting and training that new hire. If they quit soon after that or you have to terminate the employee, of course, you start from scratch and that money and time has already been spent. And now needs to be spent again.

In addition:

  • Perhaps your issue is developing a pipeline for global talent?  

  • How about retention?

  • Cultivating a strong marketing plan to position your company in the best, most transparent light possible to prospective new hires.

  • Retention after completing an international assignment? Another important topic to work through.

  • Or developing a strong diversity inclusion sponsorship program and overall diversity strategy to identify top performers and develop their skills into leadership roles?

  • Or an issue many companies struggle with -- reducing the time to hire while making excellent hiring decisions. After all, a horrible hire can set back your budget as morale plummets.

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