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"I set the bar pretty high with expectations, but that was phenomenal! I really liked being able to implement what we learned immediately."

— Merck employee

"Vicki presents timely and on-target advice to students seeking to launch their careers. Her delivery style is upbeat and energetic. She really connects with students."

— Linda Arra, M.Ed, NPCC, LPC, Executive Director, Lafayette College


"Everyone needs to know Vicki. If success was a healthy snack, she'd be a Power Bar!"

— Colleague


"Vicki Salemi is a terrific speaker! Her style sparks lively dialogue and her advice is spot-on, honest, and practicable. Vicki's experience as a recruiter and journalist is invaluable in the job search. We can't wait to have her back!"

— Brette Westerlund and Wendy Burrell

Chairs, New York Junior League Networking Group


"You are a POWERHOUSE! Effervescent."

— Participant at the Council of Lafayette Women Conference


"Vicki is a fantastic presenter who impressed our undergraduate women immensely. She presented in front of roughly 90 of our students and staff and everyone thought she was the best part of the evening, with many giving her a 10 on a 5 point scale. I would highly recommend Vicki as a presenter."

— Rebecca Cook, Director Graduate Career Services Kelley School of Business, Indiana University


“Vicki Salemi was a phenomenal speaker, who was easily able to alleviate much of the fear young undergraduates have surrounding networking.  She was able to put networking into friendlier terms, proving that we are always networking and connected to more people than we even realize.  After her speech, it was easy to see that through sharing these insights and tips, Vicki ensured the Columbia Women’s Business Society Conference Networking Reception was bustling with undergraduates who were eager to test their new networking knowledge!”

— Beth Malin, Columbia University

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