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Career Expert Job Search Vicki Salemi

Land a Job and Get a Life in New York

"Vicki Salemi gives job hunters in big cities something that I rarely have seen in books or in the blogosphere in the last couple of years -- hope! Her creative networking tips and positive, upbeat tone make it an easy read with lots of takeaway advice....advice is universal to any city or any job search." — Amazon review

According to a poll by Time Out New York, 80 percent of young adults say they want to live in New York City. For many, it’s a lifelong dream fueled images ofame, fortune, excitement and eclecticism that is New York.


The vast majority of these dreamers, however, don’t know where to begin to make the leap to the big city.


No direction? Fughettabout it! Author and New York City career expert Vicki Salemi has been there and done that, going from living in the obligatory shoebox apartment to interviewing celebs like Angelina Jolie! Her book dishes the best advice to land a job AND a sizzling life in the city that never sleeps.


Published by JIST. Available on Amazon!

Vicki Salemi NYC Career Expert Author


"Whether you are approaching college in the fall, or enjoy rewinding back to some good memories now and again, this book is defintely worth the read." — Amazon review


Picture it. The typical high school graduate, varsity letter winner and student government guru, is finally going off to college. She will soon explore unchartered territory, a land where loads of homework and a happening social scene rule her world.


It is exciting and indeed overwhelming, but this teen can handle it. Her anxiety is now history because she has read and thoroughly digested the inside scoop, the quintessential survival guide, The ABC’s of College Life.


Available on Amazon!


An early title from Salemi (age five!).

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