Three Career Lessons Learned From 'Goodbye Christopher Robin'Career 

If you haven't heard about the fascinating back story behind the world's bestselling children's book by A. A. Milne, now's the time to get schooled.


Goodbye Christopher Robin showcases many deep layers intrinsically linked to this family's relationships: Milne's distant relationship with his son along with his wife's interest in a socialite lifestyle instead of motherhood juxtaposed with the nanny's close relationship with their son, known to them as Billy Moon. Amidst the whirlwind success of the enchanting tales and the instant celebrity status Christopher Robin achieved (often times the child begrudgingly hawked the book), you can't help but grasp the incredible career inspiration behind Pooh and friends.


1. Venture outside your comfort zone. Milne was technically a playwright—he wrote 34 plays as well as seven novels, five nonfiction books and short stories and magazine articles. The Winnie the Pooh anthology encompassed four children's books which were launched in 1924 with the poetry series, "When We Were Very Young."


Milne suffered from PTSD having served in the first World War and it's clear he had one goal for his next piece of work: Write something to make people forget about the war. It seems the books found their way to his pen and onto his paper; he didn't appear to sit down to write an upbeat play or short story. Rather, he and his son were disconnected and started cherishing their quiet, innocent, playful time in the forest together (better known as Hundred Acre Wood.)


2. Change your scenery. Sometimes that's all you need and it's more for peace and mind and although it's not necessarily intentional for a career move, a positive move for your life is often followed by a positive move in your career. Suffice it to say, if Milne didn't relate his family outside of London to a quiet cottage near East Sussex, one can only wonder if the children's literature classic would have ever come to life at all.


3. Identify a champion. Being a writer is not for the faint of heart; self-doubt may start creeping in regardless of your success along with self-deprecating thoughts. At various points in the film, it's clear his wife had his back wholeheartedly, taking extreme measures to ensure he'd put pen to paper, even submitting his first children's poem, "Vespers," to Vanity Fair without his knowledge!


And the rest, as they say, is history. 


Goodbye Christopher Robin opens in select theaters nationwide on October 13.

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