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Oll3H: Say Hello to Connecting reer 

One of the most important ways to boost your career involves relationships—whether you’re a new college grad or seasoned professional, it’s still a golden, timeless rule—creating them, nurturing them and maintaining them. 


Right now, especially during the new normal of self-isolation during this pandemic, you’re likely discovering extra time you would not have otherwise had. Essentially, here’s an opportunity to grow your network and the Oll3H app is particularly useful in accomplishing this (beyond the pandemic, too!).


You can share your card in virtual chats, invite your friends to get updated contact information and get your connections all on one platform. As people leave current jobs and move into new ones, they can simply update their new contact information with you. And you can call or text them without needing to get their phone number—the QR code handles it all. 


It’s a more efficient way of staying in touch with people after you’ve met. Consider the alternative: you may have gone to a networking event, conference or fill-in-the blank here, exchanged cards with new contacts with intentions of following up for a more in-depth chat over coffee. Well, those intentions may have fell by the wayside as you discovered business cards at the bottom of your tote bag a week later not able to recall what you spoke about or in many cases, who you actually met. Or maybe you reached out a few weeks or months down the road, only to get a bounce back because they’ve moved onto a new job and their work email address is no longer valid.   


One of the best ways to expand your network involves being organized and this app contains all of your contacts in one place with a notes section to keep track of what you talked about and another section to jot down how you met. Plus, more and more people go paperless and tend to carry business cards less frequently, so when you ask for their card, they may not have one. You may give them yours anyway, but they don’t follow up and the new connection starts to fizzle.


With the Oll3H app, you go paperless by having all of your contacts in one place and share your card via link, text, email. You show your QR code to people and also print your QR code and put it in the window of your business—they can just scan it onto their phone. es total


It makes others easier to find you, too—you can share your card in virtual chats and invite your friends to get updated contact info. Clarity, efficiency, streamlining your connections in one platform makes total sense. 

Download the Oll3H app today!

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