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HR Consulting

Boost your visibility, credibility and your bottom line with PR strategies

Do you struggle with having a phenomenal app, book, service, product and — gulp — no one knows it exists?


Or, you have a solid book of business, but you're looking to go next level? Or maybe you've achieved earned media coverage here and there, but it's not consistent and you don't know how to crack the code on a regular basis nor do you know how to leverage it to get more buzz and business.

Inquire within for detailed outline of services including:​

  • Needs assessment questionnaire and brand audit

  • Media training

  • Ad hoc training/mock interviews prior to interviews

  • Pitches & press releases

  • Online media kit

  • Content for your site, newsletter & social media (to repurpose so you don't have to recreate the wheel.)

  • Pitching the media directly (or DIY -- providing you with tools to pitch specific journalists)

  • Leveraging the media to get more hits

  • Events & Speaking opportunities for 360 approach

  • Digital strategy


Vicki works with individuals and companies unleashing her media savvy, strategy and expertise from a journalist and editor's perspective of 20+ years in the business (The Chicago Tribune, New York Post, Forbes, Cosmo, U.S. News & World Report, CNBC European Business, SheKnows, AOL & more). Included in the emphasis of media coverage is the overall marketing plan and branding so your organization /endeavor has holistic, organic 360 synchronicity.


You're provided with copious resources with unique public relations strategies and insight tailored to your own brand and goals -- and wings -- so you're schooled with insight, skills, tremendous information and resources for life!


Please note: She never quotes clients in any articles she writes. That would cross an ethical line, but she provides pitching techniques, resources and pro tips to get quoted in other journalists' segments and stories!


What are the ramifications of leaving things as is, status quo? It is time for you to shine.

Landing earned media take patience, time and tactics, as well as skills and resources and most of all, savvy (because then the joy becomes leveraging those media hits to get more media hits!). Get ready to catapult your brand to the next level.  

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