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FOR COMPANIES & CONFERENCES -- these are examples of topics in demand, but she can create presentations to suit your needs such as branding 2.0.

Networking Master Class

This presentation infused with not only research but a wealth of tactful, polished tips provides professionals with strategies they can implement as soon as possible. It's typically paired with an hour-long networking opportunity to put their new skills to the test and practice new techniques in a safe environment.


Attendees will learn to polish their elevator speech, discover ways to invigorate a dull conversation (and important skills like the tactful art of interruption), learn how to gracefully exit a conversation, strike up a new one while most importantly learning how to introduce themselves to pack a punch and most importantly how to follow up to nurture that new relationship so it fully blooms. 

How to Hire Top Talent (how to legally and effectively interview to save your organization time, headaches and thousands of dollars/lawsuits in hiring errors)

Studies note that every time an employer replaces an employee, the business cost is six to nine months of that employee's salary. So, for an employee earning $40k per year, that's $20,000 to $30,000 spent on recruiting and training the new hire. Of course, costs increase substantially with executive hires. This interactive presentation teaches you to go beyond your gut when interviewing, to maximize each interview to deeply grasp the candidate's ability while learning what's an illegal v. legal question to ask. 

Mentoring: Unlocking four principles to advance your employees

Ah, mentoring. Sometimes it's like a cloud -- people know it's there, know they should use it to store photos (or gain career momentum and have a supporter) but simply don't know how to best utilize it. We'll dive into four principles to best find and maintain a mentor in order to empower employees.


Celebrity, Inc. — 5 Celebrity Branding Stories & How You Can Learn From Their Success Stories & Mishaps

(also known as the online and offline branding presentation)

This presentation gets the most inquiries but just like the celebrity landscape, the celebs featured are constantly changing based on who's hot and also, who's not. We'll look at essential principles of how to brand yourself, both online and off, with illustrations of five celebrities as examples of what to do (and yes, you guessed it -- what to avoid). 

Transitioning from Backpack to Briefcase

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. Attendees will get the scoop on etiquette in the workplace to new hire orientation to dealing with a backstabbing co-worker -- essentially, 10 ways to smoothly transition from campus life to the conference room.

Negotiation Hacks

Got your first job offer? Congrats! But, there was probably some money left on the table. This presentation provides an inside look from the halls of recruiting and finance managers who approve offers. Participants will be exposed to the other side of the conversation, that is -- the employer side, and learn tools and hacks to ace their next negotiation like a boss.


Five Mistakes Job Seekers Make & How to Stop Making Them

From stopping the job search because they're actively interviewing to stressing out about a job they don't even have yet, tapping into a recruiter's mindset, this presentation equips attendees with the inside scoop of how recruiting actually works, what recruiters think and most importantly -- how to stop making five major mistakes and do things differently.

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