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Vicki Salemi Judy Blume
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February 2015
2.9.15 Could the job market be any more optimistic? The future's looking really bright (and even the past, too — 2014 numbers were adjusted!).
Love sharing my expertise -- that's precisely why I quit my recruiting day job. It felt too limiting and I have too much to share to empower job seekers and organizations than to fill requisitions day in, day out (no offense to my peers on Recruiters' Row!).
And lately I've been sharing my expertise to startups and small business owners creating strategies around PR and getting media buzz, credibility, visibility and boosting their bottom line! Having been in the media for 15+ years it's fun flexing my knowledge applicable to creating specific story angles and ideas with strategies that work! Visit CONSULTING for more info.
I've been quoted in Marie Claire about getting what you want from your performance review and reasons to stay in your day job even when you're ready to quit. A few weeks ago my HuffPost Live segment about looks discrimination and bias was such an animated, thought-provoking discussion, we easily could have talked longer than the 20-minutes! 
My latest Metro column: when cupid strikes at work! For The New York Post, I researched the top apps and sites to help you on the job in terms of time management and productivity. My latest piece? Interview horror stories which will make you want to never look for a new job again! Okay, that wasn't exactly the purpose of the piece but rather to create conversations around handling job interviews that go sour when they're no fault of your own (as the job seeker). Remember, it's a job seeker's market!
January 2015
1.16.15 New year, new you. I typically don't write about my consulting endeavors here as I simply highlight my press hits and projects but I leverage my HR and communications background with a one-two punch for some exciting corporate projects right now!
And I'm immersed in coaching job seekers individually in their search since the time is right and according to a survey conducted by the MRINetwork, it's a job seeker's market.
My latest Metro column: fun ways to build your skills in the new year.
December 2014
Tempted by spiked egg nog and trying to resist political hobnobbing? Here's my latest NY Post piece -- "How to handle every co-worker at your holiday party" and column for Metro -- "How to network when you're in between jobs."
And if you're a huge fan of Shark Tank like I am, you should click on my piece for U.S. News & World Report. I spoke with Kevin O'Leary and Daymond John about their personal branding tips. It was quite a busy month so for the full scoop, hop over to my Twitter feed...
November 2014
11.12.14 Kicking asphalt. Actually, that's the headline for my latest NY Post piece about marathonners training with colleagues for the big race. Right now my calendar is filling up for 2015 speaking engagements (mentally, I'm in May. Seriously!)...and I was quoted in this Mashable piece about pointers for keywords in cover letters. (Btw, sorry the spacing is off. I have been trying unsuccessfully to fix it. Not sure what went awry...)
Considering the Horrible Bosses sequel is getting released, guess what I've been focused on? That's right. Horrible Bosses. In my monthly Metro column, I tackle how to spot one and finally ditch one. And in my latest piece for The New York Post, I outline four different types of bad bosses and 
October 2014
This has been quite a month! Truth be told, I'm writing this in November so it's been a whirlwind. My latest for the NY Post? A leadership book on applying management roles of Pope Francis. I've been busy speaking about careers, writing about a career state of mind!
Also, conducted careerist red carpet interviews with Bob Costas, Megyn Kelly, Joe Torre, Deborah Norville, Matt Weiner (creator of Mad Men)! 
September 2014
9.15.14 After an eventful summer of traveling and visiting Italian cousins in Sicily for two weeks, it's back to the grind! I'm one of those people who actually enjoys working so it feels good being back into a routine.
My latest Metro column? Networking in social situations. And find out what how companies are helping vets with their job searches, my latest byline in the NY Post. As for acing the exit interview, you'll find my tips in U.S. News & World Report. And my newest blog on Forbes, coming soon...
Now, I need to mention Joan Rivers, may she rest in peace. We could all learn a thing or two or ten about her and branding and reinventing. I interviewed her last year on the red carpet and she did not disappoint! ICYMI, here is the clip.
August 2014
7.28.14 What's the scoop on summer teambuilding? Check out my latest segment from this morning on Fox Business!
And how about five ways to ace the job interview? I recently appeared on The Tavis Smiley Show which airs on PBS -- clip is here. So. Much. Fun.
If you receive AARP in the mail, check out my interview with Alex Trebek. Check that...who is the host of the 30-year quiz show? There, much better.
7.3.14 Want to hear the latest about pop up lunchtime dance parties to get your groove on? Check out my segment on Fox Business where I dish about productivity and the importance of getting away from your desk during lunchtime whether you attend these parties or not.
And how about rebranding your career? Who knows reinvention better than our American heroes, our veterans? In this HuffPost Live segment I talk about veteran rebranding coupled with this U.S. News piece I wrote!
How about acing that job interview? If you're stumped, check out what the co-founders of Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre dished to me for Mediabistro. And because I always need to get my celeb on with at least one interview per month, here's my exclusive with Olivier Picasso. Yes, that Picasso (he's Pablo's grandson!)
My Gloria Steinem Interview, Veterans, Momennials & More!
5.27.14 Lots going on! For starters, this time of year is always invigorating coaching recent grads for their career roadmap. Welcome to my new clients! I'll be speaking about diversity recruitment at EACE tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it.
Last month I interviewed Gloria Steinem. THE Gloria Steinem! Imagine my excitement to dish with her about careers. Here's the clip!
And thanks to the nice folks at FindSpark for their wonderful conference at NYU -- I spoke about negotiation tips and participated on a panel about social media.
In case you missed my two features pieces in The New York Post about how companies are hiring veterans and initiatives for military spouse hiring, just click on the links. And how about spot on business tactics from a former Navy SEAL? That's my latest piece in Metro.
Last but certainly not least, please feel free to check out my latest appearance on Fox! Parents are doing what?! That's right, they're writing thank-you for their grads' job interviews, accompanying them on interviews and more. Find out how they can help without enabling, how they can draw the line to being supportive without actually pounding the pavement.
April 2014
4.27.14 The past few days have been a whirlwind! On Thursday I appeared on Fox to talk about Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day; on Friday I was on set to shoot six top secret careers segments; yesterday I spoke at NYU about unlocking the secrets to negotiations and tomorrow will be Matrix Monday! More later...
4.6.14 Raise your hand if you're sick of winter! It feels like I've been hibernating so by that I mean I've been busy, busy, busy indoors pitching away. Lots of juicy projects in motion...

In the meantime, I've been speaking and enlightening audiences with transitioning from backpack to briefcase (campus) and mentoring/unlocking the secrets to sisterhood (women's groups).
I get tremendous joy from seeing audience members' faces literally LIGHT UP...and especially when they come up to me afterwards telling me they were moved with a call to action.
Just yesterday one participant said I was "effervescent." Fantastic!
February & March 2014
2.25.14 To say I've been busy has been an understatement. But yes, I am having a lot of fun sharing my expertise! On Saturday I was the keynote speaker at Lafayette College. Today I appeared on Fox Business to talk about Millennials in the workplace (love them!). And I was quoted in Bankrate regarding unexpected retirement. Enjoy!
ps. For a fun take on Team Oscar, college students who competed nationally in a contest, check out my Metro article where I interview three of them!


Another FOX appearance & Metro column!
2.18.14 Ever wondered how to bounce back from a negative performance review? Or how to give a decent one if you're a manager? Check out my recent appearance on Fox Business (love them!) which was inspired by this post I wrote for U.S. News & World Report!
Also, my latest column in Metro tackled soft skills. As in how to let those communication and social skills shine! My latest U.S. News piece is about S.M.A.R.T. goals. Yes.
January 2014: Cosmo byline

1.30.14 Want the scoop on the juiciest conferences to attend with the hottest career prospects? Check out my piece in Cosmo for Latinas, on newsstands now! (page 118).


Broncos or Seahawks?
Check out my latest FOX clip!
1.29.14 I'm excited for my new coaching clients who I have the privilege of working with! Feel free to email me to learn more about my six month packages:
Yesterday was oh-so-much fun! I returned to Career Accelerator on Fox to talk about office etiquette surrounding the Super Bowl.
In other news, how about bouncing back from a negative performance review? Here's my latest piece on U.S. News & World Report. And how about timing that job search? As in limiting the quantity to focus on quality instead. My latest column for Metro newspapers (not online) dished about time management and productivity with your search.
Lastly, check out my interview with Mary Ann Esposito of PBS' hit show, Ciao Italia. It's the longest running cooking show in TV history! I caught up with her prior to Sun WineFest at the beautiful Mohegan Sun this past weekend. Cheers.


December 2013: The Better Show, FOX & BusinessInsider!

12.20.13 This morning I was featured on Fox Business!


'Tis the season for holiday parties, right? Don't be that guy or gal, you know the one with a lampshade on your face as you dance on the tables. Check out my tips when I recently appeared on The Better Show!


As for what happens when someone mispronounces your name. Alas, I know it all too well (and no, it's not Salami). My advice was featured in BusinessInsider. And as for a nickname, I shared my advice as well in another BI piece.


How about finding the best seasonal part-time work and more holiday party tips? My latest pieces in U.S. News & World Report...and if you're looking to get a job over the holidays, check out my column in Metro!



October & November 2013:The NY Post & More!

10.28.13 -- Did somebody say red carpet? Here I am with Sanya Richards Ross, Olympic gold medal winner. I also interviewed six CEOs, Alex Trebek, Deborah Norville and Meredith Vieira!


Job interviews gone horribly wrong! And we do mean horribly. And hilariously. Here's my latest piece for The New York Post -- cover story in the @work section!


Texting in class takes over college the headline for today's piece in Metro. Other recent Metro clips (two stories/week) include getting a job via Facebook, the difference between the ACT and the SAT and online dating is the way forward.


10.25.13 -- My last day in the day job in recruiting! As you scroll down to see my whereabouts and bylines, it's noticeably absent. On purpose.


Well, I did work a day job (check out my LinkedIn profile in case there were any doubts!) and it was certainly time to move onto bigger and better platforms. Ever upward!


Silver lining: I am someone you can trust. I speak with authority and experience about leaving the paycheck to pursue your passion of empowering people, multi-tasking at its finest and knowing when to quit - when your health is suffering, that's a sure sign! But hey, it inspired my U.S. News post about five ways to lose a recruiter's interest...and I'm probably one of the few career experts who has actually worked in corporate America AND actual recruiting. For 15+ years. Fancy that!


10.24.13 -- Landed my own career column! Stay tuned to Metro newspapers (Boston, Philly, NYC, baby!) for my column. YES!


10.22.13 -- My latest clip for U.S. News & World Report -- how to be incredibly productive on a business trip.


10.21.13 -- My latest appearance on HuffPost Live: How to avoid becoming a workaholic especially when you're surrounded by them. (Keep in mind there's a ton of work behind the scenes. I only post the tangible outcomes of segments, articles and speaking engagements. Relationship building is a blast -- seriously, I love networking -- and noteworthy indeed, just not for a news section.)


10.15.13 -- Public speaking, anyone? I rock out to sharing a message with the masses. Empowering people with knowledge. Feels so amazing! Recently I spoke at Wagner College, Muhlenberg and today Brooklyn College: Five ways to make celebrity branding work for you! Yes, Snooki and Charlie Sheen were examples.


Check out my recent interviews with the EIC of More magazine and Siempre Mujer! You can check out my workplace topics every day on Mediabistro's blog, MediaJobsDaily (two stories per day!).


And how about 21 reasons why you didn't get the job? My latest piece for U.S. News & World Report.


September 2013: HuffPost Live

9.13.13 Millennials taking their parents on job interviews? Get out! I would tell them to stay in the lobby. Seriously. And I did as per my recent appearance on Huffington Post Live!


August 2013: BetterTV

8.8.13 Check out my segment on The Better Show! Love, love, love going on-air. It's ridiculously fun to empower people with tips and tools to re-enter the workforce. Stay-at-home mom, unemployed, retired and ready to get back into the game? Never fear. The link is here.


8.5.13 I was so busy, I forgot to pick up a copy of Metro newspapers for my first byline. <sigh> Here's the link: Graduates are sad, jobs report says. Grads are less happy and less engaged on the job than peers without their degrees. <double sigh>





BELLA in Bianco!
8.3.13 The "it" party of the year! As in a white party in the Hamptons to fete the summer issue of BELLA NYC Magazine. How much fun was it meeting Christie Brinkley and her daughter Sailor after having interviewed the supermodel for the cover story?


"You did a lovely job," she tells me.


I live for this!



July 2013: My New Blog With U.S. News & World Report!

7.30.13 I'm thrilled to announce I'm the newest blogger to their roster. Here's my first post--four ways to keep the summer job search on track. Yeah!


7.26.13 I've been insanely busy and writing up a storm for! Interview with Cat Greenleaf, host of Talk Stoop, the scoop on Lunch Beat (midday lunchtime rave), CityHunt (cool teambuilding scavenger hunts - I'm supposed to be objective when I interview and all...), a NYC-inspired Lego creator who's a Hachette employee by day, how to land an internship at Google and more!

Appearance on HuffPost Live!

7.23.13 Remember that article I wrote for The New York Post about commuter marriages? Scroll down...well, the conversation continues in a spirited discussion on HuffPost Live! So much fun!!


Cover Story Goes Global

7.3.13 How excited am I?! My cover story with the eloquent Christie Brinkley has gone global by garnering international attention, exclamation point! It's the first time she's sharing the cover with daughter Sailor since Sailor was an infant.


June 2013: An Improv State of Mind
6.28.13  In the latest of Vicki's escapades and adventures, I checked out the Del Close Marathon kick-off spectacular with the founders of Upright Citizens Brigade, including Amy Poehler.


Not only were they awesome, they were very profound about goal setting. The suggestion for the first improv group? "You've come a long way, baby."


Featured in...

6.5.13 Check out this important piece on U.S. News & World Report featuring my insight as to how to handle it when a job offer is rescinded!


May 2013: My Latest Interview? Best-Selling Author, Judy Blume!!!!

5.24.13 How psyched was I? Last night I interviewed Judy Blume right before the NYC screening of Tiger Eyes (available on video on demand June 7th!). I made my 8-year-old self so happy last night!


April 2013: Matrix Monday Highlights!

4.25.13 Hello, hello! Oh my, there are so many updates, so little time. Bullets, then details:


My latest byline in The New York Post focused on Married to the Job: Commuter Marriages. Researching this was a blast and my sources were incredibly giving with their time for interviews.


The next one I’m working on infuses an oldie but goodie workplace topic with a hip, lifestyle twist. Bring it! Publication date is May 6th.


Score That Job! My baby. We’re in the swing of filming this season…stay tuned! Super excited about the fab companies we get to visit.


Matrix Monday — more below!! Let’s take a look at my clip to the right! First, by now you may know that Matrix Monday isn’t any ol’ Monday. No, no my friend. It’s the annual Matrix Awards and simply the most fabulous, inspirational day of the year!


Highlights this year? I conducted on-air interviews for Mediabistro which was a blast and a half. Got the scoop from CEOs, media mavens, and even asked Fashion Police star Joan Rivers about my outfit. Turns out, she loved it! I believe she proclaimed, “You look great!”

Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, was particularly empowering with her speech and entertaining as well: The four stages of an editor’s career.


February 2013: BREAKING -- I’m the New Host/Creator/Producer of SCORE THAT JOB!

2.6.13 I’m thrilled to be the host of SCORE THAT JOB which combines my career & recruiting expertise with a one-two journalism punch. In each episode I interview HR/recruiting directors about how candidates can get a foot in the door at their company.


For information and the 4-1-1 on my interviewing tips and techniques, check out FishbowlDC. They interviewed me today!


Thank you, BlogHer For Naming Me One of the “Top 25 Career & Business Women Bloggers Worth Reading”

8.28.11 Nothing gets old and if I were a robot, I’d say how “pleased” I am to be included on this list but hey, I’m not a robot, I’m VICKI and I’m super excited!! Thank you, BlogHer for including me and also giving me the opportunity to check out 24 other careerists who are doing dynamic things!

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